SMITHY is now available in the game

Good evening players!

Blacksmith Excellent items SMITHY is now available in the game.

To use his services you will need Credits, which you can earn in the game by completing quests, events, golds, bosses and achievements.
MUSplinter is a meaty PvP-shooter among old and boring servers, full stats won't help you!
Collect unique things, cook wings and look for new jewels from season 17.
Another good news from our GMs! I've been informed that the credits earned by OBT players have been sent Gold to their accounts!

If you have any questions, you can opena Ticket through the panel on the site or write to us on Discord.

2022-11-11 23:30

11/06/22 at 12:00 pm GRAND OPENING!

The opening will take place at 12 noon already today on Sunday!


Get ready to immerse yourself in the most unforgettable adventure of your vast experience.
You have absolutely every opportunity ever available to the characters in this game.
* You can get real credits in the game!
* You will be able to buy unique items from Smithy for your heroes in-game.

* Complete quests for, catch Golds, attend server events, vote every day and get free credits for all your actions!
* And when you want to wear the classic sets and weapons of your heroes, just take and put on the sets of any race in the game!
* Level 5 wings, original items from season 17!

* A fascinating system of Achievements and Options for the hero that she gives for their achievements!
* Every hour there are 1-3 events on the server for all players!
* Balance for meaty PvP for all characters and 65k stats!
* A unique system for upgrading sets and weapons from BloodAngel to Silver. Welcome to MUSplinter!

We turned the ads to the maximum and expect all our players to see here at the specified time! The website and server are 100% ready to go.

List of chips and goodies that will be restored at startup:
* Exp and drop zen
* Stats for character reset
* Reset cost
* Hidden spots for all locations
* PvP at events
* Event rewards
* Achievements and Options
* Quests and rewards
* Experience per Party 5-10 people
* Drop to Crywolf
* Drop Mookenmon from events and Gold
* VIP setting all modes

Read all the details on Bosses, Rewards and Drops here:
MUSplinter Discord Team

All those who participated in the round and are waiting for their reward for it will receive it within a week on their accounts if they fulfill only 2 conditions during registration:
* The account must be the same as the one on the obt
* Mail must be the same as it was on obt

We fought as best we could, we recaptured our server and stuck the most horrendous protection in it. Let's play today!

2022-11-06 03:18

We are still under DDOS attacks

Dear players! We have returned full access to the server and the site.

Currently, we are still being DDOS-attacked. Instead of a great start and adventure, we got connection problems when accessing the web page and server. Our server has many levels of protection and server machines will serve a large online without crashes and brakes, but our competitors really do not want players to leave their servers. Join our Discord channel to be the first to receive the news.

We are currently working on this issue, please wait for further notice from the MUSplinter team.

We will be grateful for any server support before tomorrow's opening. Spread the word about what's really going on here.

2022-11-06 00:28

Attention! All players get ready!

We are starting the first steps to prepare for the grand opening on November 5th!
You can safely play and continue to grind credits, but keep in mind!

Only until Friday 11/04/2022 20:00 by the website time.

* We will declare 5 minutes readiness before shutdown in the game.
* Then we will proceed to the next step.
* You will no longer be able to get into the game until the Grand Opening from now on.

But you will be able to use the services on the site for your characters until 11/04/2022 23:00.

* After that, the team and I will proceed to the final stage of the official opening of the best world among worlds - MUSplinter !

Please stay in touch, follow the news! Kawabanga!

2022-11-04 01:02

Official opening on November 5th at 17:00!

musplinter grand opening

Hello players!

Our team has decided to slightly delay the opening of the server.

The final date of the official opening will take place on November 5th at 17:00!

This decision is primarily due to the fact that we want to collect the maximum amount of live online for the official opening.
You will have even more opportunity to explore the server and unleash the full potential of your heroes. I see how many of you haven't even visited the Quest Master yet, and as we said, he rewards both Credits and Stat Points for his orders very well.

We are looking forward to the opening, we have very little left. You know for sure that nothing kills great projects like the banal lack of life in it. We have invested our knowledge, funds and experience in advertising the MuSplinter project and now we are waiting for new players with you! Support the project and get bonuses for drawing!

*All terms and conditions for users currently playing remain the same and remain in effect.

We are working on optimizing the server and setting up the site at the moment, we apologize for the inconvenience.

2022-10-25 01:27

How to get FREE CREDITS before opening?

Good evening, players and new guests!

I've always wanted to build a server where you can really play enough of MuOnline, with all, even the most hidden features of it for each class. So that you don’t have to spend eternity waiting for events in the game or in the bonal search for a party, in order to at least somehow move forward, loot and swing. I often play solo or in a company and want to spend time in constant activity and variety outside of afk. So that credits could be earned in the game! All the potential of the game in one place in the new season 6 classic. Without fierce donations, without bugs and comfortable.

In this connection, I want to remind you that all the credits that you collect now in the game, which you save on the balance in your account, will be transferred along with your account to the official opening.

Complete quests, attend events, beat Golds, collect Achievements!

If you liked what we came up with and are thinking of staying with us, then support the MuSplinter server, tell your friends about the project, use referral links. And vote on the site every day! Rewards every day for the most active.

Almost every 24 hours at night we introduce updates to the server and client. If you are having problems with the game, try downloading the new client from the site.

2022-10-20 23:04

How to grind a LOT of CREDITS in the game?

quest master system arkania musplinter

Good evening players. I have good news and I will start with them.

In the amount of 5000 Gold, everyone who continued to play after all the conditions after the wipe.
The amount is already on your accounts on the site. You can always convert Gold to Credits at the rate of 1 to 1 directly from the Account Panel.
If I missed anyone, leave a comment on this news. To do this, first click on the title of the article.

Now I will move on to the interesting and tell you more about important things on this server:
Quest Master in Arkania (230 57)

Hang with him, set the game settings to QUEST INFO ON to start a series of quests and get your reward! Over 500 quests at the moment!
Having tried at least half of the tasks, you will visit all locations, see a huge variety of new monsters and take part in all server events!
Get more credits for each task every time, more Zen and even more Stat Points.

: Almost every tenth quest starts a BOSS series with hundreds of credits.

2022-10-15 01:22

Register and play hassle free!

All procedures were completed successfully!

Now we have a good time. Register and play right now, because even during the Grand Opening period there will be no database deletions or wipe!
And here you will find out how to get 5000 Gold if you played here yesterday: [FIND OUT]
All CREDITS on the balance during the transition - you will save in the new game.

The server administration apologizes for the inconvenience.

2022-10-14 01:57


Attention players! Please wait while we make everything beautiful.
Download MUSplinter from the button above and be sure to visit the Quest Master in Arcania as soon as you can get there.

From myself I will say that I had to make a wipe of the base, since the database behaved incorrectly and the consequences of this did not always make it possible to create a character.
I think that some players have already noticed this in their experience.
We fixed the bug we were chasing, thanks to you!

Let me remind you that all participants who are registered and played on the server until 10/13/2022 00:00 can receive 5000 Gold tomorrow and during this week!

Read more about this in the previous news on the site.

2022-10-14 00:18

How to get a bonus of 5000 Gold?

Hello players, my name is Splinter and I am the administrator and creator of this project.
To be honest, I did not expect a rush of players until the grand opening, despite the fact that I had already uploaded a ready-made client for download and placed us on the Tops.

As you have noticed, there is a timer in the header of the site with a countdown to the official opening of MUSplinter.
Thank you to everyone who is already waiting for our opening.
Especially those who are already playing right at this moment and thus taking part in this stage of post-processing of minor bugs and fixes on the server.
That is why I am compelled to notify you of two news. One of them is very good, but the other may upset you.

Let's start with the main news:
-My GMs and I need to do the last cleaning of the data base on the server, or, more simply, wipe.
I know how frustrating it is to read this right now, so I'll jump straight to the good news:
+ All those participants who are registered and are currently playing on the server, with:
1. NEW registration
2. to the SAME E-mail
3. and the SAME Account Name
4. if at least 1 character is level 250+
- Receive a bonus of 5000 Gold! Very simple.
From October 14th from 12:00PM, within a week, the entire amount will be in your account if you have complete all the conditions.

The wipe will be done tonight at 00:00AM (13.10.2022). After that, you can immediately register and play on the same game client.

+All new Accounts will no longer be deleted or erased when the server is officially opened.
+All your ACTIVE CREDITS that you keep in your balance before 10/30/2022 12:00 pm will be saved and transferred to the real game on the same account without re-registration.

I will soon write about this in the details in the news of the site. Enjoy the game.

2022-10-13 20:15